The leader’s job is to deal with the growth of resources

A leader is to take care of growing his resources. You have to make them responsible, assign them increasingly challenging tasks, provide them with timely and in-depth feedback.

The goal? Help them, in the long term, to become brilliant managers in their turn and leaders capable of leading a team to success.

And if it is true that in the company there are training courses designed to cultivate leadership, it is always good to train it even on a daily basis, through 3 simple activities that the manager can put into practice, constantly, with the team.

Here’s what they are.

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1. Do you really know your employees?

To transform your assets into future leaders, you must first understand more about their individuality.

Find out what their interests are, what goals they have set themselves and which levers motivate them the most.

Getting in tune with their personality is essential to identify the strings to be struck to stimulate a commitment out of the ordinary: an alignment between the ambitions of the resources, the business objectives and the sensitive points for lighting the fire of performance in them is the best condition for working on the growth of the team.

2. Give everyone more responsibility

With great power comes great responsibility, and your team members would do well to learn it quickly.

To train future managers capable, in turn, of managing a team and taking on the burdens and honors of the activities in progress, it is better to start immediately to assign individual tasks, for which everyone will have to answer in the first person.

Give your team full autonomy and trust on how to make decisions and how to solve tasks, letting them instinctively advance and take more and more initiative.

Encourage them to solve problems, to invent innovative solutions, to test themselves in conflict situations or outside their comfort zone. A choice that – in a society where most of the resources are limited to doing what is strictly necessary and nothing more – may sound like a punishment, but which in reality is nothing more than an extraordinary gym to train reliability, assertiveness, listening skills, cognitive, negotiating and relational skills. All skills that will serve the future leader to establish himself in the company.

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3. Direct them to coaching

It is now well established that coaching is a fundamental tool for training effective and performing leaders. However, this learning model continues to see a high resistance rate among future leaders. In fact, it is not uncommon for aspiring managers to struggle to recognize their weaknesses or simply refuse to accept that they need guidance to improve.

To make them grow, accompany the members of your team to discover the value of coaching, and guide them towards choosing the best figure suitable for them. The target? Reaching ever higher performance, until reaching the maximum potential, living the work of every day with passion, motivation and satisfaction.

And now that you have put into practice the 3 tips for growing leadership, will the student be able to surpass the teacher?

The leader’s job is to deal with the growth of resources

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